Let's stay at home and cook!

These are difficult times; things are changing by the hour and it seems like reality is stranger than fiction and any predictions of what may happen.

The authorities and all healthcare personnel are asking us to stay at home. We have to be responsible and do as they say by staying at home, for the sake of our loved ones and for society.

We are experiencing an exceptional situation, and exceptional measures must be taken.

Let’s stay at home!  We know that it will not be easy and that’s why, at Empordàlia, we have launched the campaign: “Let’s stay at home and cook!”, with the aim to get everyone who wants to participate involved and to make these days spent at home more enjoyable.

In collaboration with various chefs, nutritionists and influencers within the Catalan gastronomic scene, we will be suggesting various recipes that we can make whilst we are confined to our homes. Every three days, we will publish a new recipe through our Social Media, our website and our newsletter.

We are also organising a contest! Each person sharing the recipe using the #ensconfinemicuinem hashtag will participate in the draw to win a bottle of wine! Once the confinement is over, we will organise a meet-up with all the winners to give them their bottle.

Shall we stay at home and cook together?

Empordàlia, SCCL, participa en un innovador projecte pilot per la lluita contra la mosca de l'olivera

Convocatòria Projectes Pilot de Grups Operatius 2016 (Ordre ARP/96/2016 de 27 d’abril)
Acció subvencionada per un ajut del FEADER (confinançament de la Unió Europea), finançat a través de l'Operació 16.01.01 de cooperació per a la innovació del PDR de Catalunya 2014-2020