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Oli de Pau 5l


Fruity and green, and very intense. Complex and well-balanced, slightly sweet and with a proportion of bitter and spicy touches, and slightly astringent. Its high content in polyphenols reaffirms its complexity. A strong presence of aromas of fresh-cut grass, banana, green walnuts, artichoke and tomato, along with hints of anise and fennel.


Girona Excel.lent 2016-2017

Girona Excel.lent 2014-2015

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Gastronomy: Oli de Pau can be used both for dressing all kinds of dishes such as salads, shredded cod, roasted vegetables or bread and tomato, and for making fried dishes or cooking traditional stews and casseroles and even for accompanying all kinds of grilled fish or meat.

Production: Made primarily from Argudell olives, the autochthonous variety of the Empordà, and in lesser proportion Arbequina and Corivell. The trees are subjected to rigorous phytosanitary control with strict respect for the environment. Harvesting is done with great care, selecting the best fruits at the ideal moment of ripeness. To prevent any deterioration, they are taken directly to the press, where they are pressed the same day, obtaining the finest oil that conserves the sensory characteristics of the olive. This is Oli de Pau: flavour, body and personality, the result of the combination of tradition, the autochthonous varieties of the Empordà and the latest technological advances.


Girona Excel.lent 2016-2017

Girona Excel.lent 2014-2015

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Convocatòria Projectes Pilot de Grups Operatius 2016 (Ordre ARP/96/2016 de 27 d’abril)
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