Passerell 2018


The castle of Requesens stands proud among nature, the years going by but the fantasy growing. You can make out a blue day that accentuates the greens of the complexion of the place. Here the wind is always stronger and the black of the night more pure. Among the aromas of rosemary, the tortoise that hides and, outside a field, the high-pitched song of our linnet.

This wine pays homage to nature, that found in one of the most inspiring and well-known landscapes of our region: The Albera.

Red Grenache

Red wine that boasts an intense cherry red colour and aromas black fruit, such as blackberries and plums, along with a final touch of liquorices and coffe. On the palate, the wine is well-structured and round.

It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, as an aperitif, with tapas or cold cuts, and it pairs well with all types of stewed or grilled meat. 

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8,70 €

tax incl.

Best served at: 14 -17°C.

Vineyard: Grenache vineyards, found in the Vilamaniscle area, next to Sant Quirze de Colera, that are planted in alluvial soils.

Production: A single varietal wine made from the Grenache, after a meticulous selection of the best Grenache grapes, harvested at the optimal moment of phenolic ripeness. Maceration and fermentation for 25 days at a temperature not exceeding 24°C. The wine spends 9 month in French oak barrels before bottle ageing.

Empordàlia, SCCL, participa en un innovador projecte pilot per la lluita contra la mosca de l'olivera

Convocatòria Projectes Pilot de Grups Operatius 2016 (Ordre ARP/96/2016 de 27 d’abril)
Acció subvencionada per un ajut del FEADER (confinançament de la Unió Europea), finançat a través de l'Operació 16.01.01 de cooperació per a la innovació del PDR de Catalunya 2014-2020