The Empordà, in a bubble

At Empordàlia, we are convinced of the importance of our region's native varieties, which is why we have decided to create Empordàlia Brut and Empordàlia Brut Nature. These are two unique wines with the veritable stamp of the Empordà, made from the region's own varieties and according to traditional methods.


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  • Empordàlia Brut

    White Grenache and Macabeo This is the Empordà converted into bubbles. A pale yellow colour with greenish-gold highlights. In the glass it produces a fine bubble, drawing a bead that forms a crown of consistent foam. On the nose it is fruity and fresh, and on the palate it is well-balanced, flavourful and creamy, with good aromatic persistence and notes of fruit. This Brut is perfect for combining with savoury appetisers, cold meats and seafood. It is also an excellent accompaniment for fish dishes and desserts – in fact, for almost everything.

    6,70 €
  • Empordàlia Brut Nature

    Grenache Gris and White Carignan  This modern rosé cava has a pale salmon pink colour, and in the glass it produces a string of small bubbles that create a crown of white foam. On the nose, Empordàlia Brut Nature recalls the original fruit of the wine, enriched with the creamy notes of ageing that guarantee the originality of the production method. The result is excellent balance in the mouth, a long, flavourful aftertaste and very good aromatic persistence on the palate. This Brut nature combines perfectly with any type of food, from a hearty appetizer based on cold meats to salads or roasts, finishing with tasty desserts.

    8,30 €
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