The force of the elements

Sinols is a union of feelings, an attempt to create art with the grapes of this privileged place. Our aim is to convey to everyone who tastes our wines not only enjoyment for the senses, but also the spirit and the force of the elements of our land.


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  • Sinols Blanc 2020

    Macabeo, White Grenache and Grenache Gris Young white wine of a cool yellow colour with light green tonalities. In the nose, fruit aromas combined with white flower aromas. Pungent, silky taste with a measured acidity that assists persistence. Blends perfectly with fish and shellfish, cold soups, white meats, cream cheese and semi-cured cheese.

    4,80 €
  • Sinols Rosat 2020

    Grenache and Carignan Young rosé wine of an attractive pink pale colour. Subtle aroma of red fruits such as strawberry, cherry and berries. Fresh and persistent in the mouth. Perfect accompaniment for pasta, pulses, rice dishes, vegetables, cold cuts, white meats and cream and semi-cured cheeses, and also sushi and Mediterranean cuisine recipes that ask for red wines. Distinctions: Gold medal in GIROVI 2017 Gold leaf in GIROVI 2017

    4,80 €
  • Sinols Negre 2020

    Grenache, Carignan and Merlot Young red wine, an intense bright red in colour with purplish tones. Powerful aromas of fruit such as blackberries and cherries, along with liquorice and pepper notes. Voluminous on the palate with well-structured, smooth tannin, and a long finish which replays the intense fruit and liquorice aromas found on the palate. Ideal for accompanying meat and hearty dishes, stews, casseroles, oily fish, sea urchins and semi-cured cheeses. Recognition: Bronze Medal in Decanter 

    4,80 €
  • Sinols Criança 2019

    Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. Red crianza wine of an intense ripe ruby-red colour. Rich aromas of ripe fruit, like blackberries and cherries, with spices and vanilla notes. Very elegant in the mouth with well-structured tannins, with a long finish. Ideal for accompanying rich meat, roasts, stews and cured and semi-cured cheeses, and new combinations of dishes of traditional  “sea and mountain” cuisine from the Empordà. Ageing: 9 months of ageing in French oak barrels and 1 year of bottle ageing.

    6,40 €
  • Sinols Reserva 2018

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Carignan and Merlot Red reserva wine of a deep red colour with marked brick-red and ruby tones. It has aromas of berries, cherry and black pepper. Vigorous and well-rounded, with pleasant and persistent tannins. The end is complex with sweet, fruity notes. Accompanies roasts, stews, casseroles, game, marinated meat, hare, boar, etc., and cured and semi-cured cheeses. Ageing: 12 months resting in French oak barrels followed by bottle ageing.

    11,10 €
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