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Discover our unique and amazing sweet wines made from two single varieties: Muscat of Alexandria and Red Grenache. Sinols Moscatell, a classic among classics, and Sinols Garnatxa, a vintage traditional wine from Empordà. The sun and moon!

Vins dolços

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  • Sinols Garnatxa

    50 cl Grenache Gris Sweet wine of an amber colour with golden overtones. In the nose it has aromas of conserved, oven-roasted fruits with caramel and jam. Tasting reveals various aromas captured during the first impression in the nose. The final flavour is intense, persistent, rich, sweet and natural. Distinctions: Gold Medal Grenaches du Monde A rediscovery of the pleasure of savouring a rich, natural sweet wine, combined with various desserts of dried fruits such as fritters, chocolate coulis, mató cheese or apple pie. It can also be served chilled as an aperitif. Ageing: Solera.

    7,60 €
  • Sinols Moscatell

    50 cl Muscat of Alexandria Sweet wine that stands out for its yellow colouring with subtle lemon tones. Aromas of white flowers and roses combine with delicate notes of citric fruits, honey and spices. Its flavour is well-rounded, velvety and fresh. The complexity of this sweet wine permits many combinations, with biscuits, pastries and dried fruit, but also with foie and blue cheeses.

    7,60 €
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