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Sinols Moscatell


Muscat of Alexandria

Sweet wine that stands out for its yellow colouring with subtle lemon tones. Aromas of white flowers and roses combine with delicate notes of citric fruits, honey and spices. Its flavour is well-rounded, velvety and fresh.

The complexity of this sweet wine permits many combinations, with biscuits, pastries and dried fruit, but also with foie and blue cheeses.

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7,60 €

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Best served at 8-15 ºC.

Vines: Our Muscatel vines are located near the villages of Pau, Garriguella, Rabós de l’Empordà, Llançà and Llers. All grow on the plain, in alluvial, sand and granite soils.

Production: A natural sweet wine made from Alexandria Muscatel grapes, harvested late and macerated at very low temperature, facilitating the commencement of alcoholic fermentation. This process is stopped on reaching 15 degrees after adding a alcohol. 


Empordàlia, SCCL, participa en un innovador projecte pilot per la lluita contra la mosca de l'olivera

Convocatòria Projectes Pilot de Grups Operatius 2016 (Ordre ARP/96/2016 de 27 d’abril)
Acció subvencionada per un ajut del FEADER (confinançament de la Unió Europea), finançat a través de l'Operació 16.01.01 de cooperació per a la innovació del PDR de Catalunya 2014-2020