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Annual Activities

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Annual Activities

Once a year Empordàlia organises Make Your Own Must and the Empordàlia Festival. Don’t miss out!


If you’d like to enjoy a truly unique experience, put yourself in the shoes of the wine harvester and don’t miss out on our summer event: Make Your Own Must: a fun and original family activity!

The meeting point is the Vilajuïga cellar, at 9:30 am. Everything will be ready so that we can leave for the vineyards at 10:00 am on the mini-train. There the participants will snip off the grapes and put them in boxes. Breakfast will be held at the Vilajuïga winery. This is where we’ll crush the grapes with our feet, pressing the must, and finally, bottle it up.

This activity takes place eavery Saturday on September. Places are limited!

(*) The visit is in groups and is conducted in Catalan. If you would like to make the visit in another language, please contact us.

The Empordàlia festival

Each year, on the last Sunday of November, just when the new oil goes onto the market, Empordàlia celebrates a popular festival at which different activities are held simultaneously. There’s dancing, music, a breakfast for everyone, guided tastings of the new oil and visits to the oil mill on a mini-train that passes through the olive groves. A festive day for the whole family that’s open to everyone.

A free activity for everybody.
26/November/2023 from 10am to 2pm

(*) Free activities and open to everyone. The tour by train and the commented tastings have limited places, depending on availability (places are not reserved and are on a first-come, first-served basis. A ticket to reserve a place will be given at the box office on the same day). Breakfast is optional and costs €5 (a free glass).

Pruning in the vineyard

Would you like to be a winemaker for a day? Then this is the workshop for you!

Viticulturist Cheli Casanovas will teach us the pruning technique that we’ll later put into practice in the vineyard. When we finish, we’ll have breakfast at the Vilajuïga winery.

A fun-filled activity that will show us the other side of winemaking!


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